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Root Canal Pain: The Signs and Symptoms You Will Experience

When you have decay in the tooth pulp, the root canal is the best treatment option. The teeth comprises of blood vessels and connective tissues which are in the soft inside core. When the soft tissue decays, the inflammation of the pulp occurs. If you are not aware of the signs that require a root canal, you will not know when to seek the treatment. Hence, read below to know more about the signs and symptoms that will require a root canal.

For you to know that you need a root canal, you will have persistent tooth pain. This is pain which will be a bother to you and will be returning from time to time. Sometimes, the pain will have to penetrate deep in the bones of the teeth roots. The pain will be due to some conditions like gum disease. Don’t sit down and suffer but seeing a dentist is important. If this condition is treated early, you will increase the chances of a better outcome.

Root canal is also necessary when your teeth are very sensitive to hot or cold. Sometimes you find out that the teeth will hurt when you take a cold or warm meal and resulting in a dull ache or sharp pain. Visiting a dentist is therefore what you need to consider if you find out that this effect lasts longer. Tooth discoloration is another condition that is caused by an infection in the pulp on your teeth. There are many causes of this but it is good to see a dentist. Swollen gums which are near the teeth with pain will also prompt you to seek a root canal. When experiencing this, you will have a bad taste in the mouth.

The other sign is a pain when you are eating or touching the teeth. This sensitivity will be due to a couple of reasons like damaged nerve or tooth decay. If this condition persists for long, then you have to go for a root canal. The other sign will be chipped or cracked teeth which indicate that you need a root canal. This is a condition that will lead to inflammation of the nerve causing more pain in the teeth and also acute sensitivity of the teeth.

Another sign that you can check is teeth loosening. This is a condition that is caused by many factors and a root canal is the way to go. You need to make sure you are saving your teeth from dying or loosening further by seeking dentist intervention. Root canal is the procedure that is needed when you experience any of the signs and symptoms discussed above.
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